EcoBlade, TrueChill & ClimateFlow triumph in the NACS Convenience Retail Awards Europe 2024
7 June 2024

Wirth’s patented technologies picked up their first awards for 2024, helping BWG Foods to win the Sustainability Award at the NACS Convenience Retail Awards Europe 2024.

BWG Foods combined Wirth’s TrueChill and ClimateFlow products to deliver ground-breaking total store energy savings. Furthermore, and in contrast to refrigerated cabinets with doors, the TrueChill cabinets saw no reduction in impulse sales. ClimateFlow removed the need for traditional heating and air conditioning by repurposing otherwise wasted cold air to cool the store during the summer, and by utilising hot air that would otherwise be expelled into the atmosphere to heat the store during the winter. This resulted in a 10-fold reduction in annual store HVAC consumption compared to using traditional HVAC systems, while also improving in-store air quality.