Natural Ventilation Studies

We can help you create sustainable buildings by maximising the use of natural ventilation, using high-resolution computational modelling.

The power of our methods allows internal-external coupling without loss of resolution. The internal detail allows for the finest information across the building area to be captured to produce an energy efficient and comfortable space for users.

Airborne Infection Risk Assessment

We can help you understand COVID-19 and other airborne infection risks, by modelling internal environments in detail, identifying opportunities to improve design and safety of building users.

Identification of individual air traces and detailed air movement tracking further enhances the information, relative to methods such as spatial CO2 tracking, for more accurate risk identification.


a deep understanding of the physics of buildings

Wirth Research’s natural ventilation and stack effect modelling incorporates physics, such as solar loads, occupancy effects, electrical loads and lighting heat sources. This allows for detailed analysis of the internal airflows and efficient optimisation of the building layout.

The internal building model can also be directly coupled to a full external urban model, covering several kilometres in diameter, to assess the impact of variations in wind conditions on the stack effect.


Pinnacle building performance

Our natural ventilation modelling capabilities were employed to make the Bloomberg HQ in London the world's highest BREEAM-rated major office building.
Our modelling has helped Apple Park become one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world.
Our innovative climate-control solution for a major UK bakery reduced capital, operating and maintenance expenditure versus the traditional 'blue sock' approach.

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We reduce operating and capital expenditure through more effective and efficient use of ventilation systems.

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