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Building on the success of our best-in-class EcoBlade and AirDoor products, we have developed a suite of technologies and cabinet enhancement techniques to maximise refrigerator and freezer performance.

TrueChill is Wirth’s CFD-based cabinet optimisation process. It can be applied to any medium or low temperature cabinet, with many optimised cabinets already available from Wirth’s OEM partners.

TrueChill Benefits

Unlock the full potential of your chillers

The Wirth TrueChill technology represents a major breakthrough in the performance of medium and low temp display cabinets:

  • Proven energy savings of over 40% when applied to the latest conventional open refrigerated display cabinets
  • Brings their performance in line with a doored cabinet but without the associated barrier or hardware & maintenance costs
  • Energy savings of over 35% when applied to the latest freezer cabinets

Already have doors on your refrigerator cases? TrueChill has been proven to bring further significant gains to doored cases.

TrueChill Benefits

Energy, Comfort, Product Life & Presentation improvement

Virtually eliminates cold air spill from cases, transforming the shopper experience

Allows significant reductions in store heating
Delivers measurably better product temperature uniformity in medium temp cases, particularly for products at the front of shelves

This means less waste due to product spoilage, and reassures shoppers that the products they buy have been maintained at the correct temperature
Allows significantly smaller refrigeration plant to be specified for a new shop build

Significantly reduces the load on existing plant, improving plant reliability, particularly in hot weather
Reduces the number of defrosts required in low temp cabinets

Minimises the amount of product frosting


EFFIciency through innovation

Wirth’s TrueChill approach involves starting with a baseline CAD model of the cabinet and applying its proprietary CFD processes, including the patented Next Generation Refrigeration process, to build an performance-optimised version of the cabinet.

Engaging with Wirth allows your cabinet to benefit from using the patented EcoBlade and Next Generation Freezer technologies as part of the solution, delivering unrivalled performance.

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