Low Energy Manufacturing

Low Energy Manufacturing Model

As experts in aero & thermal dynamics with a history of innovative problem solving, Wirth can help bring efficiencies to your manufacturing plant, equipment and operations.

Wirth has experience of working with one of the UK’s largest commercial bakeries, bringing solutions ranging from energy-saving oven strategies to air quality and staff comfort.


Application of world-leading CFD

Wirth’s CFD process is built on years of continual improvement and validation against wind tunnel and real world results. From Formula 1 to skyscrapers, the process has been rigorously tested and proven in the most demanding of conditions.

The result is an ability to create highly accurate models of ovens, coolers, machinery and buildings. This is coupled with a team of experts who can interpret the results and formulate commercially attractive solutions.


Optimise existing machinery & methods

Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emmissions of existing ovens.
Identify and maximise waste heat recovery opportunities to save gas burn and reduce CO2.
Reduce capital, operating and maintenance expenditure with innovative climate-control solutions.
Improve product cooling efficiency.

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