Supermarkets Slash Energy Bills with Wirth’s Cutting-Edge Fridge Design
21 June 2024
Wirth Research Partner Engys

Supermarkets are always on the lookout for ways to shrink their environmental footprint and keep costs down. One area ripe for improvement is refrigeration, where traditional open-fronted chiller cabinets are known for being high energy consumers. These cabinets leak cold air, forcing them to work harder to maintain cool temperatures, which translates to higher energy bills.

A promising solution lies in the world of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. These simulations can be used to design refrigerators that are more streamlined and energy-efficient. Wirth are leaders in the field and have used Engys software to develop TrueChill and EcoBlade, game-changers that significantly improve airflow management within chiller cabinets.

For a deep dive into how TrueChill and EcoBlade works and the benefits it offers supermarkets, check out Engys' blog post: Helping Supermarkets Save Energy with Refrigeration Aerodynamics Simulation

The EcoBlade boasts a user-friendly retrofitting process, allowing supermarkets to upgrade their existing infrastructure without extensive modifications. This translates to substantial energy savings, making the EcoBlade an attractive option for supermarkets seeking to embrace sustainability and fiscal responsibility.  TrueChill goes a step further than EcoBlade by being a fully optimised chiller cabinet design.

TrueChill and EcoBlade represent a significant leap forward in supermarket refrigeration technology. By leveraging CFD simulations and innovative design, supermarkets can curb energy consumption and environmental impact, all while reducing operating costs.